Cross City Engagement – International 國際跨城對談

– Day 1 11:15 – 12:30 Summit Stage


Mr David LANE

Group Director Seniors Living / Partner, Thomson Adsett
Thomson Adsett  長者住宅部門集團董事、合夥人


Future Opportunities for Seniors Housing in Asia Using History as a Reference

The brief presentation will explore and propose ideas based on David’s 30 years of working in and around Asia as a leading architect and thought leader in the Seniors Living space.  Drawing on extensive experience in Australia, David will make comparisons to his early experiences in Asia to reflect on future directions in the region, incorporating models of care and services that integrate seniors, not isolate them, and the implications this has on governments and government policy decisions.

David believes that governments in Asia have a ‘moral’ responsibility to look after the elderly and provide them appropriate care and support. It is important to honour and respect the hard work that many older Asians have contributed to their respective societies, acknowledging while their children may now be prosperous, the same is not necessarily true for many elderly.

Given they may not be able to care for themselves, or rely on family support, a modern reinterpretation of filial piety may now be appropriate.







Mr. David Lane is Australia’s renowned architectural specialist in the Seniors Living industry, having directed over 4,000 projects over the past 35 years. David is a passionate advocate for social and corporate responsibility on issues impacting the elderly and their built environment. He has advised governments and authored numerous professional papers. David has served on many organisations both in architectural practice and aged care.


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Ms Janette POWELL

Director, Social Finance


Using a Social Impact Bond to tackle loneliness

Organisations across the world face similar challenges:

  • How do we do more when budgets are shrinking?
  • How do we test what works without risking public money?
  • How can we be creative, yet robust in our approach?

Janette will explore how an innovative type of funding is used as a solution on the ground in the UK. A Social Impact Bond connects investors with commissioners and delivery partners to tackle social problems. Janette will share how the Social Impact Bond was used to develop the Reconnections Service. Reconnections is delivered by a group of social sector partners working together to reduce loneliness and isolation in an ageing population.



  • 當預算每况愈下時,如何能更「錢」盡其用?
  • 怎樣在不用花費公帑下釐定一個項目的成效?
  • 怎樣既可運用創意,又能剛勁地解決社會問題?

鮑威爾女士會為大家探討英國如何運用創新的按效付費方式,從下而上地解決社會問題。此機制連繫不同的持份者:包括投資者、專責機構和執行機構一起解決社會問題。她會跟大家分享這個機制如何發展「重新連接」服務, 減低長者的孤獨問題。這服務由一群社福界的夥伴提供。



Janette Powell joined Social Finance as a director in 2010.  She led the first Social Impact Bond to reduce re-offending and has since worked on a NEETs Project in Manchester, a Domestic Violence Perpetrator pilot in West Sussex and a Health Social Impact Bond in Worcestershire.  Janette has worked with vulnerable adults and families facing social exclusion since 1993.  Janette has worked within the statutory and voluntary sectors including roles with a Regional Director of Offender Management Office and NOMS National Operations Group. Prior to joining Social Finance, Janette led an innovative community project, on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. She holds a degree in Housing & Social Work.

鮑威爾女士擁有房屋與社會工作學位。由1993年開始為弱勢人士及家庭服務。2010年加入Social Finance為董事,成立首個為男性釋囚提供更生服務,以免他們出獄後再次犯案而成立的按效付費機制(或稱為社會影響力債券),其後成立的項目包括敎育、家暴及健康方面。

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Prof Kathryn BRAUN

Kathryn BRAUN博士

Professor, University of Hawaii
President, Active Aging Consortium Asia-Pacific


The United States values individuality and autonomy. Although some of our social policies (Social Security and Medicare) protect older people as a population, these programs are being threatened. Thus, most US approaches to aging are individual, including working longer, personal savings, reverse mortgage, multi-level care facilities, and private long-term care insurance.




Kathryn Braun is Professor and Director of the Office of Public Health Studies at the University of Hawaii. She also is the Barbara Cox Anthony Endowed Co-Chair on Aging and Co-Investigator of Hā Kūpuna National Resource Center for Native Hawaiian Elders. She is a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and is current President of the Active Aging Consortium Asia-Pacific.

Kathryn L. Braun是夏威夷大學公共衛生研究室的教授和主任。她也是Barbara Cox Anthony 老齡研究的名譽聯合主席和Hā Kūpuna 國家資源中心以夏威夷本土老人為對象的聯合調查員。她還是美國老年學會研究員和亞太區活躍老齡聯盟的現任主席。

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Panel Host

Dr Ching-choi LAM
Chairman, Elderly Commission



Dr Lam is a specialist in paediatric medicine and is now the Chief Executive Officer of Haven of Hope Christian Service.  Under his leadership, Haven of Hope Christian Service is one of the pioneers in the provision of holistic care for the elderly in Hong Kong. He is a non-official member of the Executive Council of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He is also the Chairman of the Elderly Commission and he heads the Elderly Commission Working Group on Ageing in Place and advises the Government on the related policies. He is also the Advisory Committee of “The Opportunities for the Elderly Project” of Social Welfare Department.

林醫生是一名兒科醫生,現任基督教靈實協會行政總裁。在其領導下,靈實為長期照顧服務的先驅之一,為香港的長者提供全人照顧。林醫生現為行政會議成員,亦是安老事務委員會主席,他領導安老事務委員會 – 居家老工作小組,並就有關政策向政府提供意見。

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