Cross Generations Engagement: Building a Smart Ageing City 跨代對談: 建設智齡城市

– Day 2 11:00 – 12:30 Smart- Ageing Innovation Lab 1 (L1)

Prof Alice CHONG
Associate Head, Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong


It is important for older people to engage in meaningful contacts with young people on issues of importance to the welfare being of older people; thus enhancing cross-generational harmony. This workshop will provide a much needed opportunity for the young and the old to meet, discuss and propose measures and suggestions that can help build age-friendly community from among the 8 dimensions of an age-friendly society advocated by WHO, including:
(1) Buildings and Outdoor Spaces, (2)Transportation, (3) Housing, (4) Social Participation,
(5) Respect and Social Inclusion, (6) Civic Participation and Employment, (7) Communication and Information and (8) Community Supports and Health Services.

Registration is required for participation.

老年人士跟年青人有充分機會互相接觸,分享意見,才能建立一個誇代共融的社會。本工作坊便提供一個難能可貴的機會,讓老友記與青少年學生面對面,一同討論如何可以讓香港成為真正長者友善的社區;尤其集中討論世界衛生組織所倡導的,八個建構長者有善社區元素的措施和建議 ,其中包括:(1) 建築物和戶外空間設計,(2)交通安排,(3)住屋,(4)長者參與社會的機會及支援,(5)尊重和社會融合,(6)公民參與和就業,(7)溝通和信息,以及(8)社區支援和健康服務。




Prof Chong participates actively in various community and public services. She has also been rewarded with many awards and honours for her distinguished public services and teaching. Prof. Chong received the Medal of Honor by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2013 for her contribution to the promotion of social capital and the well-being of the elderly.


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