End-of-life 生命臨終

– Day 3 13:30 – 14:30 Smart- Ageing Innovation Lab 2 (L2)


Dr Ning FAN

Chairman, Forget Thee Not
Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Surgeon
Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor, Mentor of the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care and Elite Mentor of MBA program of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

香港醫管局 外科醫生


Preplanning and proactive life management will assure you and your family a harmonious and dignified road to end of life

In this era of ageing society, when cancers and chronic illness are prevalent, we have to plan for a better life through ‘life management’.  There are already numerous kits to help us to acheive the target These tools are namely personal health management, adance care plan including advance directive, will, funeral preplanning, burial issues and home death arrangement etc. Clear instruction, communications within family are cornerstones of the success.   We need to prepare these as it will help to clearly indicate personal preferences to family members and care takers to avoid future unnecessary burdens among family. This will also ease stress when you are trying to keep your quality of life to the end and maintain your dignity.


生命無常,現今香港人是可以透過規劃人生去應對悠長的歲月,達致善終; 健康管理,預設照顧計劃,遺囑或平安纸,殯葬事宜,在家離世等等,如果安排得當,清晰溝通及指示,家人更能安心。即使醫學發展不斷向前,本地每年的死亡人數仍是逐年增加、患上長期病患及不幸確診癌症人士有增無減……沒有預設考慮及預設計劃的家庭會很容易落入不必要的痛苦及貧擔之中,更重要是病者的生活質素及尊嚴可否維護呢?



Dr. Ning Fan has served in Hospital Authority for over 20 years. Ning is concerned about the vast gap in end-of-life service in the community and founded “Forget Thee Not” to promote advance directive and home death using the model of life management and empowerment. He is a member of HKCSS Standing Committee on Policy Research and Advocacy as well as HKCSS Specialized Committee on Family and Community Service.

范寧醫生於醫管局工作超過二十年, 因關注生命教育的社會需要成立了「毋忘愛」,透過生命管理及賦權方式推動預設醫療指示及居家臨終服務。范寧現為社聯「政策研究及倡議常設委員會」以及「家庭及社區服務專責委員會」的委員。

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Mr Pasu NG

Founding Chairman, Hong Kong Life and Death Studies Association
香港生死學協會 創會會長


Hong Kong Life and Death Studies Association (HKLDSA) is a social enterprise formed by a group of young professionals from various fields in 2017. We integrate our professional knowledge and creative ideas to explore the four major life issues – life education, plans for ageing, long-term care and after-death arrangement. Through sharing web-based resources and in a down-to-earth way, we connect to the community and raise their awareness that every individual should have his/her own right to make his/her decisions when arranging personal life-and-death issues. We hope the traditional beliefs could be changed through public promotion and education, and thereby advocate and mobilize public policy. “Learn from death to live fully” is our wish to people in Hong Kong.

「香港生死學協會」是於2017年成立的社會企業,由一班年輕並熱心於生死教育的專業人士所組成。我們結合多元的專業知識和創新意念,致力探究「『生』命教育、『老』年規劃、『病』者照顧、『死』後安排」四大議題,以網絡資源共享及貼地的方式帶入社會,增強公眾認知與社區連繫,改變固有觀念,賦予大眾為自己在生、老、病、死的安排上擁有選擇及決定權,從而推動社會政策,讓香港人「從死看生 · 活好當下」。



Mr. Ng Kwai Lun is a registered embalmer and a cross media creator. He now works in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the Manager of dissecting laboratory. He started the “Silent Teacher” body donation program in 2011 in an attempt to break the traditional belief of “body not tampered”. The program made a great contribution to medical health education and research. In addition, Mr. Ng is the founder of Hong Kong Life and Death Studies Association, the Ex-Chairman of Society for Life & Death Education, the administrator of the facebook group “Life and Death Education” (close to 6,200 members), and the administrator of both the “Life and Death Education” and “Let’s Share” facebook pages (over 30,000 LIKES in total). He also co-hosts a radio program named “Life 21 Gram” at the internet radio station D100. He is devoted to promote the message “Learn from death to live fully” to the people in Hong Kong.

伍桂麟先生是一名註冊遺體防腐師及跨媒體創作人,現任職香港中文大學醫學院解剖室經理。2011年發起推動「無言老師」遺體捐贈計劃,嘗試打破大眾『死留全屍』的觀念,成就不同的醫學教育和研究項目。伍先生同時為香港生死學協會創會會長及生死教育學會前會長、「生死教育」facebook群組的管理員 (近6,200成員)、「生死教育」和「陪着你嘔」專頁的管理員 (共30,000以上LIKE),數碼電台D100節目「生命21克」主持,致力推廣「從死看生,活好當下」。

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