Financial Planning – Investment Portfolio for Retirement Income 財務策劃 – 退休投資組合

– Day 3 11:30 – 12:30 Smart- Ageing Innovation Lab 1 (L1)


Mr Victor YEUNG
Chief Investment Officer, Admiral Investment



Investment during retirement has very different goals than investment during a person’s prime years.  Investors need to balance their needs with realistic investment goals while not exposing themselves to heightened risks.  Interesting, this is also the investment goal of many institutional investors around the world.  Mr. Victor Yeung has been a fund manager and advisor to institutional investors since 2004, and in this talk, he will share some major insights of how institutional investors formulate their investment plans to meet the needs of their stakeholders.



Victor Yeung is Chief Investment Officer of Admiral Investment, where he oversees all investment programs. Before Admiral, Mr. Yeung was Managing Director, Asia Pacific Securities of LaSalle Investment Management, where he managed the Asia Pacific portion of its investment program and its Asia Pacific analyst team. Mr. Yeung was graduated from the MIT and is a holder of the CFA designation.


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Ms Anny CHOI

Manager, Marketing and Programmes, Investor Education Centre (IEC)


The Chin Family is an independent and impartial financial education platform providing free information, resources and programmes.  It helps people in Hong Kong plan and manage their finances by making financial learning simple and enjoyable.  The Chin Family is managed by the Investor Education Centre, which is supported by the Education Bureau and all four financial regulators.  Ms. Choi is responsible for the IEC’s financial education programmes for the retirees.


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