Golden Age Boxing Class

Golden Age Boxing Class - Header IMage

Target students:
– specifically for middle-aged to elderly/retirees, and any man or woman who wants to be rejuvenated and feel and look younger
– students who have no or little exercise can join and improve their overall fitness and strength
– students of different levels can join same class

Contents of training:
– Thai boxing techniques (including punching, elbow, kicking, knee) + fitness exercises (including stretching, weight training, cardiovascular training, core training)

What to wear and bring:
Sporty or comfortable wear, bare feet. Can bring your own boxing gloves, hand wraps, ankle guards or purchase from head coach


Organizer: Elite Thai Boxing

Description: Elite Thai Boxing and Fitness provides professional and effective thai boxing and fitness programs to improve health, fitness, and lifestyle for everyone!

Website: https://eliteboxinghk.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eliteboxinghk/