Innovative Elderly Housing 創意長者房屋

-Day 2 17:00 – 18:00 Summit Stage


Dr Moon Wah CHEUNG
General Manager of Elderly Services, Hong Kong Housing Society
香港房屋協會總經理 (長者服務)


To Age at Choice among Housing Options
When people grow old, most of them would like to live at a familiar environment they prefer. Aging in place (AIP) is not only a guiding policy of the Hong Kong Government, but also a common aspiration of older people. As the only housing provider of elderly housing in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Housing Society has provided various kind of housing options for older people to help them age in place. Public education to raise the awareness of AIP is also provided by its Elderly Resources Centre. Mr Cheung will elaborate on the current choices of elderly housing for AIP and share his view on the outlook in the medium term.

當人們變老時,他們大多數人都希望生活在他們喜歡的熟悉的環境中。「居家安老」不僅是香港政府的指導性政策,也是老年人的共同願望。 香港房屋協會作為香港唯一的老人住房供應者,為老年人提供了各種各樣的住房選擇,幫助 老年人居家安老。此外,房協的「長者安居資源中心」也為公衆人土提供公眾教育,以提升他們居家安老的意識。研討會上,張博士除了詳細介紹現時的長者房屋類别,亦會分享長者房屋發展的趨勢。



Dr Moon-wah CHEUNG is the General Manager of Elderly Services in the Hong Kong Housing Society responsible for developing and operating senior housing and skilled care services.   As a registered social worker with a doctoral degree in business administration, Dr Cheung has devoted to elderly services for more than 30 years and has served a number of public duties. Currently he is member of the Working Group on Elder Abuse and member of the Project Steering Group of Project on Enhancement of the Infrastructure of Long Term Care in Hong Kong of the Social Welfare Department. Dr Cheung is also the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Department of Applied Social Science of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Advisory Committee member of the Age-friendly City Project sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Committee member on Management and Operation of Lam Tei Elderly Home, Pok Oi Hospital.

張滿華博士在香港中文大學畢業後,於香港理工大學取得工商管理博士學位。張博士是一位註冊社會工作者,投身於長者安老服務逾30年,現為香港房屋協會總經理(長者服務) ,負責發展及營運長者房屋及相關專業護理服務。張滿華博士身兼多項公職,現任社會福利署虐老工作小組委員,社會福利署提升長期護理系統督導委員會委員;香港理工大學應用社會科學系諮詢委員會主席; 香港賽馬會長者友善城巿計劃諮詢委員會委員「博愛醫院藍地安老院」管理及營運小組委員會增補委員。

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Prof Rebecca CHIU
Head of Department of Urban Planning and Design and Director of the Centre of Urban
Studies and Urban Planning, University of Hong Kong


Inter-generational Co-residence Aspiration and Reality in Compact Hong Kong:
What are the constraints?
It is generally known that inter-generational co-residence is affected by cultural, demographic, social and economic factors. Less explored are the factors of housing and living conditions. Even less known are how the socio-economic and built environment factors interact to influence the aspiration and the reality of inter-generational co-residence of the elderly people and their adult children. Based on a questionnaire survey of 5000 samples sourced from all districts in Hong Kong, focus group discussions, site visits to housing estates, and statistical analyses, this presentation explores the determinants of co-residence in Hong Kong, a city characterized by high-density, high-rise, high- housing price but low-housing- space standards. It will particularly examine how housing circumstances and subsidized housing policy influence and restrain the co-residence aspiration and decision of the elderly and their children of different socio-economic and demographic features. In interpreting the statistical analysis results, trends of housing culture, impact of housing policy, and neighbourhood conditions will be considered to provide a fuller understanding of the constraints of co-residence in compact Hong Kong.

眾所周知,社會、人口結構、文化以及經濟情況會影響兩代共住。有關研究 較少注重房屋以及居住環境等因素,更遑論瞭解社會、經濟以及建設環境如何相互影響老年人及其成年子女對共住的意願及決定。根據一項涵蓋香港各區的5000份問卷調查及其統計分析,焦點小组討論、及公共房屋的實地考察,是次報告會探討高密度、高樓林立,高樓價但低房屋生活空間水準的香港的兩代共住的因素,並特別深入探討房屋環境以及資助房屋政策如何影響及限制不同社會、經濟特點及家庭階段的長者及其子女兩代共住的意願和決定。在理解統計分析結果時,房屋文化的趨勢、房屋政策的影響、及鄰舍的生活環境均會被納入考慮,以能較全面瞭解在緊湊發展模式下的香港推行兩代同住的限制。



Prof Chiu is Head and Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and the Director of the Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning of The University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include urban and housing sustainability, comparative housing and planning policies; ageing communities and urban management in the Belt and Road region.   Prof Chiu has been member of various government boards including housing, planning, urban renewal, natural and heritage conservation.


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Panel Host

Prof Terry LUM
Head of Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
University of Hong Kong



Prof Terry Lum is the Head of Department of Social Work and Social Administration and the Henry G Leong Professor of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on elderly policy and services. His research findings have shaped the development of long term care policy in both the United States and Hong Kong.


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