Physical and Mental Health: Ageing Happily 身心健康: 快樂享受活齡

– Day 2 17:00 – 18:30 Smart- Ageing Innovation Lab 1 (L1)


Dr Fan Kwong TSANG
MBBS (HK) MRCPsych (UK) FHKCPsych FHKAM (Psychiatry)
Specialist in Psychiatry in private practice

曾繁光  醫生
香港大學內外全科醫學士 英國皇家精神科醫學院院士
香港精神科醫學院院士 香港醫學專科學院院士 (精神科)


Happy Ageing

According to the population projection by the Census and Statistics Department, in mid-2026, the local population aged 65 or over will be 23%. In mid-2036, it will increase to 29%. Longevity is one of our aspirations. We should be happy when we are able to live up to 90. Yet, we might suffer from various physical and mental problems. The older we are, the greater our chances of having severe cognitive impairment. For elderly living alone or having chronic illness, they might have higher risk for depression.

Some of the age related health problems can be minimized.  Scientific evidence tells us that if we keep ourselves active physically, mentally, socially and sexually, we might have greater chance to grow old happily and in a healthy manner.

With nearly one third of the citizens over 65 years old, our community needs to rethink and plan ahead not only for the elderly, but also to relieve the burden on younger generations. We should engage new concepts and science in planning for retirement, caring for senior citizens in the community, and make use of IT in elderly care, life ending arrangement, etc.


按統計處的人口統計推算,到了2026年中,本港65歲或以上長者佔總人口23%, 到了2036年中則佔29%。長壽是我們所盼望,知道我們能活到九十,我們應該很高興。然各種身體及精神問題也會隨年齡增長而出現。年壽愈高,便有更大機會患上嚴重認知障礙,獨居或有長期病患的長者也有較大機會患上抑鬱症。然這些年長出現的精神情緒問題是可以透過早年生活習慣的建立而將其風險減低。


快將有三成人超過六十五,我們的社區實在有必要重新思考和設計各種系統,以滿足長者需要同時減輕年青一代的擔子。我們的社區該有新的理念與科學去設計退休安排、社區照顧、應用新科技照顧長者, 以至彌留安排。



After working in public mental health services for 25 years, Dr. Tsang established his own clinic, Wellness Centre in 2010. Dr. Tsang is active in public mental health education. In 2009, he collaborated with the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association to promote mental health.  Dr. Tsang appeared regularly on TV and radio programs. He is a columnist in local newspapers and has published 34 books in Chinese.  Dr. Tsang, also a visual artist, has exhibited his work in Hong Kong and Asia.  

在公營精神科服務了二十五個寒暑,於2010年建立自己的診所 悅愉中心,開始私人執業生涯。近二十年積極投身家長、生命技能及精神健康教育。常出席電視、電台節目任嘉賓及主持。2009年,接受新生精神康復會邀請,以棟篤笑形式推廣精神健康。受國文老師的影響,十三歲便愛上了文字創作。文字常見於各報刊。已出版作品集34本。醫生嗜好習畫,其作品曾在香港及亞洲展出。

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Prof Geoffrey LIEU

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

The Institute for Health Policy and Systems Research (IHPSR)

廖錫堯 教授
醫療政策研究學院 創辦人

Ageing Happily

What is happiness? How can we achieve happiness? Finding a universally acceptable definition and finding a definitive pathway can be difficult, even though sages through time have pronounced many words of wisdom or pointed the way to finding the answers. Happiness can be elusive and far from the present, for example: among elderlies, “living a comfortable life after retirement”, “dying at a ripe old age” or “when the time comes, dying uneventfully and quickly” are perhaps the essential ingredients of a happy life.  

Yet, it is generally recognized that there cannot be happiness without health. And, failing health can cause happiness to vanish quickly. Recent health and related research have produced much useful information about the determinants and science of enhancing and sustaining health of the elderly. These should be meaningful guidelines to follow and integrate into the lifestyle of optimal health and enhanced sense of happiness.





Prof. Geoffrey Lieu is an experienced healthcare executive and educator.  He was a director at the Hospital Authority.  Prof. Lieu is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Institute for Health Policy and Systems Research.  He is Life Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and holds visiting academic appointments in both overseas and local universities. Prof. Lieu now focuses his work in advancing the health and healthcare of the elderly, teaches healthcare management and economics in tertiary institutions and serves as advisers in public policy institutions and non-executive directors in private healthcare corporations both overseas and locally.


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Dr Pamela LEUNG

CEO, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation



Dr. Pamela Leung is Chief Executive Officer of The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. She advocates holistic wellbeing and social participation of elderly and persons with disabilities and health challenges. Dr. Leung is also Honorary Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Honorary Research Fellow of Sau Po Centre on Ageing and Centre on Behavioral Health of The University of Hong Kong, and Consultant Supervisor of the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work and Hong Kong Social Workers’ Association.

梁佩如博士為香港復康會總裁,致力為殘疾人士、長期病患者及長者倡議全人健康及社會參與。她亦擔任香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系名譽 助理教授、行為健康教研中心及秀圃老年研究中心名譽研究員、香港社會工作專業學院及社會工作人員協會顧問督導。

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