Your Healthy Bone Sustains One and Others – A Moment with Dr. T.K. Choy & Ms. Helena Law 蔡德基醫生與羅蘭星級分享 – 健康骨質撐起自己撐起他人

-Day 2 12:30 – 13:30 Summit Stage

Abstract 摘要

“Golden Age” generation supports our society in different functions, and their bones continuously support their activities. However, bone loses with aging; and it limits our Golden Age generation to contribute. Individual bone loss is a mutual loss to our society. We should definitely retain our bone health and thus the ability to continuously support our society.

Representing the Golden Age generation, famous actress Ms. Helena Law will be discussing with Dr. Dicky Choy Tak Kee, the Representative of Hong Kong Osteoporosis Foundation about the importance of proactively fighting osteoporosis in this stage session.


金像影后羅蘭姐會為「黃金一代」向香港骨質疏鬆基金會代表 – 蔡德基醫生討論骨質疏鬆這個疾病。希望透過這次機會,教育大家主動阻截骨質流失的重要性。


Dr. Dicky Tak Kee, Choy

Law Lan


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