Smart Ageing Innovation Pitch 智齡創新項目分享:公開招募

DAY 2 13:00 – 14:30 Summit Stage

Abstract 摘要

In this Golden Age Expo & Summit, an entire session is reserved for sharing among our

Golden Age changemakers. These passionate Golden Agers can be innovators from diverse communities, seeking new solutions for social good, and scaling these innovations to achieve impact. This is an open call to all who would like to take this platform to share and learn from each other. The format is a 5-minute pitch per project, followed by Q&A and networking time.


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Dr Pamela LEUNG

CEO, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Dr. Pamela Leung is Chief Executive Officer of The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. She advocates holistic wellbeing and social participation of elderly and persons with disabilities and health challenges. Dr. Leung is also Honorary Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Honorary Research Fellow of Sau Po Centre on Ageing and Centre on Behavioral Health of The University of Hong Kong, and Consultant Supervisor of the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work and Hong Kong Social Workers’ Association.


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