Expo Member List (7th GAES)

Convoy Financial Services Ltd
Since its establishment in 1993, CFS has enjoyed tremendous growth and success. It has maintained a leading position in the industry over the past two decades and is one of the largest financial advisory firms in Hong Kong today. We leverage our network of international business partners to offer customers a full suite of financial products, helping you to expand your investment horizon . We analyse and compare the products of different providers in a professional way to select the most appropriate financial products for you, saving you valuable time and effort
香港中文大學 - 研究及知識轉移服務處
CUHK - The Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS)
The Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong strives to promote and facilitate knowledge transfer activities led by CUHK academic across different disciplines. With the specific objective of creating real-world social impacts, Social Innovation Team at ORTKS enables and supports our researchers to deliver concrete actions for the benefits of the wider community. Through two impact-driven funding schemes (Knowledge Transfer Project Fund and Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund), more than 200 impacts projects and 18 social impact ventures have been created. For more information, please visit : https://www.orkts.cuhk.edu.hk/en/knowledge-transfer/cuhk-startups/sociai-impact-driven ; https://www.orkts.cuhk.edu.hk/en/knowledge-transfer/social-impact-driven-projects

- Deep Health Limited (Website: https://www.deephealth.com.hk)

- Happy Ageing Lab Limited (Website: https://www.happyageinglab.com)

- Health View Bioanalytic Limited (Website: https://www.healthviewbio.com)

- Speech and Hearing Social Enterprise Limited (Website: https://speechearing.org)

香港生死學協會 X 遺善最樂
Hong Kong Life and Death Studies Association X ForeverGift.hk
Hong Kong Life and Death Studies Association (HKLDSA) is an NGO (Section 88) formed by a group of young professionals from various fields in 2018. We integrate our professional knowledge and creative ideas to explore the four major life issues - life education, plans for aging, long-term care and after-death arrangement. Through sharing web-based resources and in a layman way, we connect to the community and raise their awareness that every individual should have his/her own right to make his/her decisions when arranging personal life-and-death issues. We hope the traditional beliefs could be changed through public promotion and education, and thereby advocate and mobilize public policy. "Learn from death to live fully" is our wish to people in Hong Kong. Website:https://hkldsa.org.hk

【 Leave A Legacy. Make an Impact. 】 《遺善最樂 ForeverGift.hk》 is the only organisation that focuses on promoting legacy giving in Hong Kong. As a social enterprise, we work with charities and volunteer lawyers to offer a free, professional and user-friendly Will-writing service to the general public. To date, legacy gifts made through our service have reached hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars, with over 100 charities named as beneficiaries. We make it possible for anyone to leave a legacy and create a lasting impact on causes closest to their hearts. Website: https://www.forevergift.hk/

Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC)
B02, B04
Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC), organized by CUHK, is a social venture startup competition aims to incubate social enterprise startups led by young people. As the world’s leading program of its kind, HKSEC has been evolving into a consolidated platform for social entrepreneurial education, training and startup incubation for young, aspiring social entrepreneurs. In a period of six month, the challengers’ social business ideas and skills are sharpened through a series of training and professional advice by experienced mentors. Since 2007, over 9,300 participants from 145 academic institutions have participated in the program, generating over 1,600 social business ideas. For more information, please visit : https://hksec.hk

- King’s Phase Technologies Limited (Website: https://kpt.com.hk)

- Medical Artisan Technology Limited

- CareEZ Senior Deli (Website: https://www.seniordeli.com)

Newscomm Corporate Limited
Newscomm 新火商傳,從事房地產策劃行銷及公關推廣超過20年,也是最早一批前往中國內地參與房地產相關工作的香港公司。Newscomm曾參與北京,上海,廣州及深圳多個大型樓盤的促銷及推廣,包括莊盛集團,珠江投資,合景泰富,粵泰集團...等多家上市公司。當中碧桂園集團於香港上市期間的電視媒體策劃推廣更是經由Newscomm一手包辦,近年Newscomm鋭意發展海外市場,先後開拓台灣,馬來西亞,甚至柬埔寨房地產市場,務求為香港人引進更多高質保值,甚至富有升值潛力的不動產項目,及後更將版圖擴展至英國及加拿大。當中Calgary 卡加利更是全力發展的地方。 Newscomm秉承一個信念:We all deserve to live in a better place!我們都值得居住在一個更美好的地方!(Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena:幸福跑 (Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena
幸福跑是結合運動及正向心理學等不同元素的跑步課程,為受情緒困擾人士解開鬱結、舒緩情緒,培養正向積極思維。 (Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena:社企植創園 (Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena
植物創造新機樂園,結合《有機耕種》與《植物》之多元化活動形式,與社區上不同人士接觸,帶出正能量,服務社會。 (Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena:動力天使社會企業有限公司 (Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena
動力天使 Power Angels 是一間有創意,開心好玩,又關懷社會的金齡社企。我們體驗、互動 : 繪本創作 / 彩墨今流 / 小禮帽,飾品 / 黃金酵素 / 參觀社企,實行「自己生活,自己設計」,共享「動力時光」!(Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena:運動處方 (Chinese version only)
Golden Age Arena
運動處方是什麼 ?我們社企相信 ”運動是良藥”。認同運動鍛鍊及體能活動可達致疾病預防及治療的必要元素。 (Chinese version only)