Golden Age Expo & Summit 2020 Summit Highlights

Virtual Summit

Smart Ageing for Tomorrow in the Time of Pandemic
The pandemic has brought with it many unprecedented challenges, particularly for older adults. At the same time, the world is facing another opportunity for change on a scale not seen before. How do leaders address such huge challenges? What approaches will different sectors use to help different age groups, especially the elderly, to understand and adapt to this landscape of complexity? At this session, leaders from the public, business, financial and elderly care sectors will exchange ideas and strategies on rebuilding our society as we begin to transit out of crisis mode into a new normal.
Enhancing Immunity through Health Practices
Eternal youth and radiant looks are the dreams of many people. Young and old alike seek to maintain good health so as to defer the ageing process. The basic approach to total wellness can begin with strengthening the immune system in the body.
Digital Innovation for Smart Ageing
The massive digitalisation of our society, especially after the pandemic, can be a challenge for older people.
Global Innovative Programmes for the Elderly to Combat COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the global population in drastic ways. Although all age groups are at risk of contracting COVID-19, older people are especially at risk due to physiological changes that come with ageing and potential underlying health conditions. Making matters worse, seniors must spend more time at home often without physical contact with family members and friends. As a result, they have a high probability of developing severe illness.

Different countries and cities are adopting innovative approaches to minimize the risk. In this webinar, panel speakers from Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK will share how their governments, NGOs, and institutions have addressed the issue and present their insights on the way forward.
Recipe for Cross-Generational Inclusion
In an ageing society, it is very important to encourage interactions and communication amongst the young and the old in times of technological innovation, geographic mobility, and shifting economies.
Innovative Financial Services for Golden Agers
To make an effective financial arrangement is extremely challenging for the elderly, people with dementia, those with chronic illness, anyone with declining health, or their caregivers.
Truth of Ageing
What is ageing? What is the meaning of ageing? How can you stay young at heart no matter how old you are?