Vision and Mission

Golden Age Foundation (GAF) is a multi-sector platform that fosters the development of smart ageing cities in Asia. By generating innovative ideas that bring positive impact to society and developing the golden age movement with creative events and training programmes, GAF empowers golden agers – individuals aged 45 and above – to continue to contribute to society and lead purpose-driven lives.


  • To build smart ageing cities in Asia

We catalyse innovative dialogues to redefine ageing. Spearheading thought-provoking events and conversations, GAF brings together policymakers, entrepreneurs, social innovators, academics, scientists, designers, investors and other stakeholders to tackle and resolve population ageing issues. Envisioning a world of smart ageing cities, GAF aims to foster a new Golden Age Economy and turn demographic challenges into opportunities with positive impact.


  • Empower the Golden Age Population (aged 45+) to lead purposeful, healthy and quality lives
  • Develop the Golden Age economy
  • Build a cross-sector and cross-generational platform for collaboration and innovation

GAF advocates for a paradigm shift to empower golden agers to plan ahead for the second half of their lives and become society’s new driving force. By organising the golden age movement imbued with innovative life-long learning programmes and community engagement activities, GAF creates new opportunities for individuals to rewire their perception of retirement by establishing healthy and positive ageing mindsets and actions that benefit society.