"Re-employment of the Elderly" Survey 2023

Golden Age Foundation believes that "elderly re-employment" will become an important part of Hong Kong's social development, providing more life choices and opportunities for the elderly. Therefore, we conducted a survey on "Re- employment of the Elderly" in the hope of providing the public with more relevant information and promoting their attention and support for this issue. In addition, we hope that various sectors can work together to propose relevant policy recommendations and improve the problem of age discrimination in Hong Kong's workplace, which will help the golden generation realise their self-worth, and continue to participate actively in social and economic activities after retirement.

Summary of the Survey Report

"Ageing Together" White Paper 2023

To develop products and services that will help our Hong Kong customers better prepare for their retirement, BOC Life conducted a market study in 2022 to gain insight into the experiences, pain points and needs of retirees and caregivers regarding retirement and elderly care services.

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Hong Kong Happiness Index

In 2018, Hong Kong was voted by the Gallup World Poll as the 7th unhappiest place to live in the world. Because of this, we launched the Hong Kong Happiness Index to discover what makes people in Hong Kong happy, especially for golden agers. The index also examines what we can do to increase our happiness and improve our lifestyle after retirement in the future. Read the full report and learn more about what we can do to help make Hong Kong a happier place to live in (available in Chinese).

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2020 Covid-19 Containment Online Survey

The unstable political situation and the volatile COVID-19 situation have given rise to various challenges in Hong Kong. Our daily lives and the economy have also been severely affected by social distancing and other strict health and safety policies. Conducted in 2020, this survey aims to unravel how the pandemic has affected different industries and the effects that the government’s financial budget has on society, particularly in elderly care. Find out more in the full report (available in Chinese).

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Smart Ageing Survey 2021

The “Hong Kong Smart Ageing Survey 2021” was conducted by Golden Age Foundation and Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. It aimed to understand the current situation and facilitate forward-looking discussions about the development of a smart-ageing city so that relevant institutions, local communities and the younger generations could have a basic understanding of the impact of population ageing and make appropriate preparations in advance.

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