“Shining Lights under COVID-19” Dialogue Series

Co-presented by Golden Age Foundation and The Institute for Health Policy and System Research

Searching for happiness during the pandemic
During the global pandemic, a group of superheroes from Hong Kong comes to our aid. Who are they, and how do they deal with current and future challenges?
How to manage your finances during the pandemic for a sustainable retirement life
As the economy continues to decline, our assets are no longer safe. This session explores black swan events from an economic perspective and how to invest in the "new normal".
The superheros of COVID-19: The Accidents and Emergency Department
The third session explores patients’ fluke mentality in the emergency ward. What does it take to ensure the health and safety of medical workers before they remove protective equipment?
The superheros of COVID-19: The Intensive Care Unit and Isolation Ward
The fourth session explores the challenges that frontline healthcare workers face throughout the pandemic. How do these superheroes cope with suspected cases, and what do they do to support patients?
The superheros of COVID-19: Elderly care and hospice care services
The fifth session examines how COVID-19 affects elderly care and what elderly care homes do to combat the pandemic. How should we adjust elderly care services during these critical times?
This is how the public cultivates and takes action against COVID-19
This session explores how organisations from various sectors in Hong Kong come together to combat the pandemic and examines how the media and good citizenship help us survive the pandemic.
Public anti-pandemic awareness and actions
In Hong Kong, how does public awareness support healthcare workers during the pandemic? This session explores how the government and other sectors helped raise public awareness on COVID-19.
An open mind and heart in the new normal
The final session explores what life looks like in the “new normal”. How do we cope with uncertainty? Can escapism ease our anxiety about the future?