Building Smart Ageing Cities

Although population ageing is a global phenomenon, it is not a topic we frequently discuss in Hong Kong. The issues related to population ageing will also have a lasting impact on future generations, including serious socioeconomic implications.

Population ageing has undoubtedly become an urgent topic and many of us struggle to cope with the frustration, and even depression, when planning for life after retirement. It is imperative to advocate for a smart ageing society and empower golden agers to lead a quality, fulfilling and healthy life. What’s more, the golden age economy is on the rise as various industries come together to innovate quality products and services specially designed for the golden age population.

  • Episode 1: An introduction to a smart ageing society
  • Episode 2: Gerontechnology
  • Episode 3: Life and death education
  • Episode 4: Elderly-friendly homes
  • Episode 5: Smart ageing homes
  • Episode 6: Golden age economy marketing and consumer behaviour
  • Episode 7: Health and wellness
  • Episode 8: Cross-generational innovation
  • Episode 9: Financial planning
  • Episode 10: Healthcare innovation
  • Episode 11: Health and recovery
  • Episode 12: Commercial participation in the golden age economy 
  • Episode 13: Innovating for a golden age