Interview with Koh Seng-choon, Founder, Dignity Kitchen

(available in Chinese only)

Earlier this year, GAF visited Dignity Kitchen – the renowned Singaporean social enterprise – soon after the launch of its first Hong Kong branch. This meaningful social enterprise is on a mission to integrate people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups into society by offering them job opportunities in the food and beverage industry and empowers them to support themselves and live with dignity. Located at 618 Shanghai Street in Mong Kok, Dignity Kitchen provides specially designed training to employees and enables them to become experts in Singaporean cuisine. 

Watch this video as Mr. Koh Seng-choon, Founder of Dignity Kitchen, shares his social entrepreneurship journey. Mr. Koh had a stable career before giving it up 10 years ago to found Dignity Kitchen at the age of 50. The social enterprise was inspired by his parents who taught him that people should give back to society when they turn 50. This fueled Mr. Koh’s motivation to dedicate his life to serve those in need. His impressive passion and entrepreneurial spirit is a beacon of encouragement for the golden age community to discover new passions that give back to society.