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Make a difference by donating your time and empower the golden age community to become the next changemakers. We are now seeking volunteers with a good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit who are interested to participate and support us in various events and activities. Our events, including the annual Golden Age Expo and Summit and other public community-based activities, are specially designed to help golden agers rediscover new skills and passions and raise public awareness on social entrepreneurship and population ageing issues. Be a part of our mission to create a smart ageing city for all.

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Expand your social circle
  • Connect with other like-minded and passionate individuals
  • Develop positive thinking
  • Participate in ongoing training

Thank you for contributing your time and effort to society. Join our volunteer programme now and enrich your life in a joyful and meaningful way!

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Please note

1. Golden Age Foundation (GAF) will match a suitable volunteering role based on the information you provided. Please ensure that the background information and previous experience you provided are correct and up to date.

2. In general, GAF ensures that the services we provide do not involve high-risk activities and that our work environment is safe to work in. Before joining us as a volunteer, please consider your health and other conditions and ensure that you are able to complete the role assigned to you. Please also ensure that you understand the details of the event and that you are happy to offer your volunteering services.

3. Volunteers are responsible for making remedies to GAF for any legal proceedings, claims or losses of any kind caused by or related to any third party's violation of the obligations stated in this notice.

4. Without GAF’s consent, you are not permitted to recruit for other organizations’ volunteering service.

5. Please contact us by phone at 8102 1068 or email at info@goldenage.foundation for any enquiries.


All information provided will be used for recruiting volunteers and service allocation only and are treated with the strictest confidentiality.
In case of any dispute, the decision of Golden Age Foundation is final.