Dynamic Wan Chai

"Dynamic Wan Chai" is organized by the Social Enterprise Summit and co-organized by the Golden Age Foundation. It aims to collaborate across generations to encourage students and neighbors in Wan Chai District to do more exercise and pay attention to healthy living.

"Dynamic Wan Chai" is divided into two parts, namely training the dynamic ambassadors and dynamic community guided tours.

Dynamic ambassadors

GAF organized a community training program "Wan Chai Dynamic Ambassador" in January 2024 to provide stretching and fitness training for "golden people" aged 45 or above, jointly design exercise programs suitable for young people, and work with Wan Chai District students and do exercises together to promote the importance of exercise for health.

The Dynamic Ambassador has carefully designed a series of physical fitness games suitable for the students of SKH St. James' Primary School. The games include fast obstacle ball, three-level running competition and jumping jacks, etc., which not only allow the students to have fun😆, but also train their muscle strength, hand-eye coordination and balance.

The enthusiastic participation of "Dynamic Ambassadors" and students has promoted communication and understanding between different age groups, stimulated students' potential and vitality, and planted "healthy" seeds for their growth.



Dynamic community guided tour

The event will be held at the end of March 2024. Please pay attention to our social platform for details.