Donations and support

The ageing population once took care of us and our society. Now, it is our turn to take care of them and foster an age-inclusive culture for future generations of older adults. Your donation will enable us to launch innovative training programmes and community activities that empower golden agers to become a new driving force of society.

At the same time, as a collaborative platform, the mission of the Golden Age Foundation is to connect partners from all walks of life and respond to social needs. In recent months, Hong Kong is hit hard by the fifth wave of Convid-19. We saw that many elderly homes were devastated, and material support alone was not sufficient. Therefore, in February, we launched the Golden Age Care Anti-Pandemic Support Programme to help small and medium-sized elderly homes that are facing collapse to escape the predicament. However, the road to recovery is long, and we need support from all walks of life to make the journey faster and more comprehensive.

Golden Age Foundation (GAF) is a non-subvented charity organisation that does not receive regular government funding. We mainly sustain our operations and programmes through the generosity of our donors. Please consider making a one-off or a regular gift to GAF to support our mission. Your donation will not only help maintain our operation, but also be a valuable gift to society, contributing to a positive impact on the sustainable development of our community.

Support our work and we hope that we can collaborate with you to get out from the pandemic and create a smart ageing city.

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