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Press Release for the effectiveness of "Smart Care Lab"



Golden Age Foundation launched "Smart Care Lab 2.0" project in November 2022, aiming to provide four private RCHEs with more in-depth and more comprehensive services. Extensive support and focused use of appropriate smart ageing technologies will further break the technology gap. Since private RCHEs are often inferior to subsidised homes in terms of hardware, software, funding, and even manpower. This project focuses on assisting private RCHEs to implement smart ageing technology by providing practical support and training to respond to the difficulties and challenges they faced.

"Smart Care Lab 2.0" project lasted for a year and was completed in October 2023. Through continuous evaluation, review and revision, the project enables the RCHEs to implement appropriate smart ageing technologies. In addition, the project has established a set of training programmes and platforms for smart ageing technology application suitable for private RCHEs to help developing a sustainable and systematic plan for the use of smart ageing technology.

The press release for the effectiveness of "Smart Care Lab" has been held on November 28, 2023.

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