Message from the Founder and Chair

Smart Ageing for Impact in the 21st Century

Population ageing brings about inevitable social, economic and political transformation. We need to rethink our notion of ageing, put forward innovative solutions, turn ageing challenges into opportunities and shift towards a world of smart ageing cities in Asia.

Where age is just a number, our vision to create an active ageing future has no limits. As we get older, we gain valuable life experiences that we can give back to society. The baby boom generation has already begun to reach retirement age. Given the right kind of support, they can and will become change-makers in community affairs, education, business and many other areas. Governments should adopt innovative policies, appropriations and other support to unleash the potential that the ageing population can contribute to society.

Compared to the traditional “silver-haired” generation, today’s golden agers are instilled with new values, aspirations and needs. The demographic change creates new opportunities for businesses across a wide range of sectors. Corporations have to step up and explore innovative solutions to ensure that these needs are met effectively as part of an age-inclusive and sustainable business strategy.

GAF is a collaborative platform that delivers collective impact and promotes smart ageing values and actions among older adults. By advocating for an innovative and cross-disciplinary approach, we gather public and private institutions locally, regionally and internationally to redefine our values on ageing and explore new solutions to create an inclusive future for everyone.

Henry Ford once said that “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. At GAF, we envision a new world where ageing populations become a new inspiration and a positive driving force for society and the global economy. Let’s come together and build a brighter golden future for generations to come.

Rebecca Yung, Golden Age Foundation Founder & Chair
Mrs Rebecca Yung Choy, Golden Age Foundation Founder and Chair