The 3rd Golden Age Expo & Summit (2018) Summit Highlights

Welcome Remark by Dr John Rowe, President of IAGG
Cross City Engagement - International
Cross City Engagement - Regional
Future of Finance: Pay-For-Success Model
A view from the ground – Using a Social Impact Bond to change lifes

Ten years ago Social Finance UK set out to change the way we respond to social challenges. We developed a unique approach combining data, investment, partnerships and original thinking. There are now approaching 100 programmes in 20 countries, with more than £300m invested. Janette will explore how this innovative type of funding is used on the ground via a Social Impact Bond to tackle loneliness in the older generation. The Reconnections Service is delivered by a group of social sector partners working together to connect clients to people, places or activities in their community. Janette will share how they measure the impact of their progress and how they have overcome operational challenges in the first 2 years of the pilot.
Cross City Engagement - Bay Area
Ageing in Place: Innovative Homecare
Your Healthy Bone Sustains One and Others - A Moment with Dr. T.K. Choy & Ms. Helena Law
“Golden Age” generation supports our society in different functions, and their bones continuously support their activities. However, bone loses with aging; and it limits our Golden Age generation to contribute. Individual bone loss is a mutual loss to our society. We should definitely retain our bone health and thus the ability to continuously support our society.

Representing the Golden Age generation, famous actress Ms. Helena Law will be discussing with Dr. Dicky Choy Tak Kee the Representative of Hong Kong Osteoporosis Foundation about the importance of proactively fighting osteoporosis in this stage session.
CEO Forum - Golden Vision
Future of Medicine: Ageing and Dementia - Friend or Foe?
Innovative Elderly Housing
To Age at Choice among Housing Options
When people grow old, most of them would like to live at a familiar environment they prefer. Aging in place (AIP) is not only a guiding policy of the Hong Kong Government, but also a common aspiration of older people. As the only housing provider of elderly housing in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Housing Society has provided various kind of housing options for older people to help them age in place. Public education to raise the awareness of AIP is also provided by its Elderly Resources Centre. Mr Cheung will elaborate on the current choices of elderly housing for AIP and share his view on the outlook in the medium term.

Inter-generational Co-residence Aspiration and Reality in Compact Hong Kong: What are the constraints?
It is generally known that inter-generational co-residence is affected by cultural, demographic, social and economic factors. Less explored are the factors of housing and living conditions. Even less known are how the socio-economic and built environment factors interact to influence the aspiration and the reality of inter-generational co-residence of the elderly people and their adult children. Based on a questionnaire survey of 5000 samples sourced from all districts in Hong Kong, focus group discussions, site visits to housing estates, and statistical analyses, this presentation explores the determinants of co-residence in Hong Kong, a city characterized by high-density, high-rise, high-housing price but low-housing-space standards. It will particularly examine how housing circumstances and subsidized housing policy influence and restrain the co-residence aspiration and decision of the elderly and their children of different socio-economic and demographic features. In interpreting the statistical analysis results, trends of housing culture, impact of housing policy, and neighbourhood conditions will be considered to provide a fuller understanding of the constraints of co-residence in compact Hong Kong.
Future of Medical Services: Innovative Medicine & Health
Three Dreamers and Achievers