The 4th Golden Age Expo & Summit (2019) Summit Highlights

Opening Session: How public policy could facilitate a robust elderly care industry?
Population ageing presents huge challenges but also ample opportunities. Such opportunities will not be fully utilised unless business leaders act now to prepare for this demographic shift. In some countries, such as Japan, one third of their GDP is related to elderly business. The private sector should adjust its thinking and look into the growing economic power and under-utilised resource of matured adults. At the same time, public policy guidance plays a critical role in engaging the private sector to tackle this unprecedented issue. Will public-private partnership, tax benefits, etc, be good incentives to attract more investment into the elderly market? It is time for policy-makers, business leaders, and citizens to come together and strike a balance between the interests of investors and taxpayers in meeting the elderly care challenge.

Golden Agers are a powerful social force that is changing the face of our society. The Golden Age Academy, under the Golden Age Foundation, empowers and nurtures people 45 and above to lead social change through the “Golden Age Fellows” programme. The 2nd cohort of Fellows will present their social projects which are new solutions for social good. The format is a 5-minute pitch per project, followed by Q&A and networking time.
Innovative Healthcare Models beyond Border
CEO Forum - the Golden Age Economy
The Role of Annuity
Do you ever lie awake at night and worry about the potential of outliving your retirement savings? A guaranteed income would probably give you some peace of mind. Annuities were developed by insurance companies that pays out income, and there are many reasons why investors look to them as a key retirement-savings vehicle. In last July, Hong Kong also has launched its first public annuity scheme which allow Hong Kong ageing population to invest a lump sum in exchange for a guaranteed monthly income for life.

This session is an opportunity for our speakers to sharing with you all on the wide range of solutions available through annuities. Understanding the role of annuity can help you decide whether establishing an annuity is the right thing for you.
Living and Leaving - My Way!
We are living longer, science and technology are advancing rapidly, societies are progressing, minds are broadening, and life choices are more diversified. But we still journey through life and have to face death, often with fears and worries: How may the later life years be joyful and free? What attitudes should we embody to face death? Must we leave a legacy in this life?

Four prominent speakers will share their wisdom on life and living during the post retirement and golden age years.
Exploring Innovative Retail Mode
With the increasing number of baby boomers turning into their 60s, how are they different from consumers of today and the way they spend. How do they behave and how are retailers accommodating to the changes? Culture Homes, Hong Kong’s leading integrated aged care solution provider will be joined by Hung Fook Tong, Hong Kong’s leading retailer of Chinese herbal products will discuss how golden agers are changing the way retailers are doing business today.
Ageless Employment: How to Counteract the Impact of an Ageing Population?
The issue of ageing population has been plaguing many countries and regions. In 2026, the Hong Kong population aged 65 or above will reach 23%. However, the golden generation (those aged 45 and above) will enjoy longer and healthier life and many of them are capable of continuous contribution to the society. On the other hand, due to the lengthened lifespan, the cost of living will be relatively higher in the elderly age and the population will still require a stable income well into old age in order to maintain their lifestyle. The problems of ageing population and poverty among the elderly are intertwining and may even risk spreading downwards. The corporate human resources policies embody far-reaching implications for the middle-aged and older employees. Increasing the productivity of the society, deepening the level of social participation of the middle-aged and elderly population and even reforming the system of retirement protection are the primary issues faced by citizens, businesses, government and academics alike.
Ageing and Dementia
Speech: “#I am Dementia Angel!” – Jockey Club Dementia Friendly Communities’ Campaign
“What do you think about dementia and your perception of persons with dementia?” With the generous support from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, JCCPA organizes the "Jockey Club 'Dementia Friendly Communities' Campaign" (DFC Campaign) between October 2016 and September 2018. The DFC Campaign aims to strengthen the supporting network in the communities so that people with dementia can live safely. We would like to strengthen participants' understanding on dementia, build up a strong community network in finding and supporting missing persons with dementia, promote a "dementia friendly" culture in different sectors and cultivate a "dementia friendly" community.
In this talk, we would like to share the knowledge of dementia care and how our two campaign characters “D Bobo” and “DFC Angel” help building a dementia friendly communities. Also, we will introduce our APP which is used for finding the missing persons with dementia (Hong Kong and Traditional Chinese only). The family caregivers can pre-register the information of the family member with dementia and report lost. Also, “Dementia Angel” can register and provide help to find the persons with dementia. It hopes to expand the network of finding the missing persons with dementia so as to encourage support to the beloved one with dementia and their family. Please come to join us~

​Speech: Dementia Friendly Community for All
Persons with dementia are increasing in numbers with the greying population of Hong Kong. The entire community must be engaged in promoting positive awareness of dementia, reducing stigmatization, and collaborating in building a dementia friendly environment. In recent years, the Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association actively advocates medical-social collaboration and enhances the primary care sector in early detection, diagnosis and intervention for persons with dementia and their family in the community. In concert with the global actions of Dementia Friends, we have engaged corporates progressively in the movement. The Way Forwards in our community in dementia care will be discussed in the light of the Expert Report 2017.

Speech: The Role of Arts in Creative Ageing, Better Health, and Social Inclusion
It is no surprise for the concept of ‘Creative Ageing’ to be more established in western parts of the world than it is in Hong Kong, for even the coupling of ‘Arts’ with ‘Health’ seems a notion that has only just begun to gain traction here. At the cusp of our society’s ageing crises, Hong Kong has awakened to the call for a growing emphasis on developing preventative policy measures simultaneously with the remedial. Drawing from our most recent publication entitled ‘Celebrating the Inclusive Power of Arts’ (Our Hong Kong Foundation, 2018), this session expands on how the agency of arts has shown to be a form of social and health innovation that renders synergistic and therapeutic benefits to the elderly demographic in Hong Kong, especially those with Dementia. The presentation will also explore some developments of creative ageing that are happening internationally, to inform how arts may be more resourcefully and proactively adopted into Hong Kong’s city fabric and its community, so that ageing can be enjoyed creatively and positively.
Concluding Session: Truth of Ageing
How well are you prepared for ageing? Is it too late to start a second career? What impact do you wish to make ? In this session, four very distinguished celebrities will unveil their secrets to ageing and tips to unfold a remarkable second half of their lives.