The 6th Golden Age Expo & Summit (2021) Summit Highlights - Physical Summit

Physical Summit


Opening Ceremony cum Award Presentation Ceremony
CEO Forum – Reimagining the Business of Ageing
The pandemic has brought with it many unprecedented challenges, particularly on older adults. At the same time, the world is coming up with another unprecedented opportunity for change on a scale not seen before. How do leaders address such huge challenges? What strategies will different sectors use to help different age groups, especially the elderly, to understand and adapt to this landscape of complexity? How should different sectors support smart ageing? At this Opening Session, leaders from the business and elderly care sectors will exchange ideas and strategies on building our society as we begin to transit out of the crisis mode into the “next normal”.
Golden Age Volunteer Program Sharing Session and Graduation Ceremony
Ocean Park has launched the “Ocean Park x Sino Group Golden Age Volunteer Programme 2020” to recruit retirees as volunteers and narrators at the Park’s attractions in order to promote volunteerism and caring for the environment. With rich knowledge and great life experiences, retirees are assets to society. Through this programme, retirees can excel their valuable skills to promote biodiversity and the protection of natural habitats among locals and tourists.

The "Ocean Park x Sino Group Golden Age Volunteer Programme 2020" has been successfully concluded. The sharing session and closing ceremony will be held on 27 August 2021. The sharing session will introduce the achievements of the programme and invite two docents to share their experience gained from the project. The graduation ceremony will be held after the sharing session.
Healthy and Quality Living Environment for Smart Ageing
Ageing does not only mean the ageing population. Our city, buildings and the environment have also been ageing. The traditional parameters used in built environment simply do not cater for the needs of the ageing population. As more people are expected to age in place, there should be a good fit between people and the environment. At this session, specialists from the non-profit, private and academic sectors will examine how a functional, safe and healthy living environment can enable independent, healthy and active ageing. They will also explore different types of collaborations between these sectors to create synergy for a healthy and quality living environment.
Smart Health in the Next Normal
The pandemic has accelerated the pace of development of smart medical care. The World Health Organization defines "smart medical care" as the application of information and communication technology in medical and health care. This session will discuss how the ecological model of medical care has changed after COVID-19; the application and challenges of telemedicine in Hong Kong; the use of medical big data and how consumers can use "smart medical care" to manage health and prevent diseases.
Reimagining Public Private Partnership in Elderly Care Post-Covid
COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Now more than ever, as the world is building back after the COVID-19 crisis, we will need strong partnerships that support elderly care in a sustainable and impactful way. This session will reimagine innovative mechanisms in which governments, private corporations, NGOs and other stakeholders may collaborate to address challenges that traditional modes of operation fail to address.
Insight into the Impact of Gerontech
Many countries are making use of cutting-edge gerontechnology to meet the demographic challenges. In Hong Kong, gerontechnology is still at the beginning stage and there are much room for growth. Do most people view technology as a real solution to maintain their independence and health? What can be done to encourage people to accept smart solutions which will bring quality lives? This session will study how older adults, family members, caregivers, health care professionals, and service providers could be involved in the decision-making process to ensure that autonomy and dignity are upheld. The panelists will bring out the most recent innovations, trends, and challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the development and use of gerontechnology.
Innovative Financial Planning & Services
This session will shed light on retirement planning strategy & investment opportunities for old age, as well as legacy & succession planning practices. Golden agers have different lifestyles and financial needs, from insurance protection, pension, estate planning, and charitable giving to wealth preservation. Professionals of the financial field will explain and design different strategies, plan as well as financial services and products for the pursuit of wealth and financial wellness.
The Future of Health and Social Care
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, community health has become a global concern. The concept of "medical-social partnership", "primary health care", psycho-psychiatric support and "prevention is better than cure" have been given more attention. In an aging society, health care is no longer just about patient care, but also about harmonious interaction between people and communities. Looking ahead to the post-pandemic era, what is the best way to treat community health problems? How can the medical and social sectors work together to maximize the impact? How can the government empower social welfare organizations and the community in the area of health care knowledge?
End-of-Life Planning
Planning is always important for all stages of life. Nevertheless, death is still a taboo in Hong Kong and people do not like to think about it. Hence, we have seen a lot of issues arising as a consequence of the lack of, or delay in, planning for one’s death. This session is to raise awareness on the importance of end-of-life issues amongst people of different generations, patients and their families. Healthcare and academic professionals will share their insight and best practice on end-of-life care which help to improve the quality of life of patients right up to their last moments and, in particular, to the wellbeing of their families.
An Open Mind & Heart in the Next Normal
For people who love life, age is a mere number. In mid-life, people can still make good use of their abilities and passion.

In this session, several celebrities will talk about how they face "adversity" and the "pandemic", and how they dedicate themselves in their works and find their true identities after mid-life. In the new normal, the panelists will also share ways to manage their emotions and life well, to give full play to infinite possibilities, and to act for common good.