Spark Innovation Festival

Launched in 2022, Spark Innovation Festival is the first public education project led by youths and golden agers. Through the festival, participants will experience the best of both generations – the rich life experience and extensive network of the golden age population and the endless creativity of young people – and learn to collaborate and innovate new solutions for a better future.

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Golden Age Foundation (GAF) is a non-subvented charity and a multi-sector platform that fosters the development of smart ageing cities in Asia. 

Smart Ageing Survey

The “Hong Kong Smart Ageing Survey 2021” was conducted by Golden Age Foundation and Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. It aimed to understand the current situation and facilitate forward-looking discussions about the development of a smart-ageing city so that relevant institutions, local communities and the younger generations could have a basic understanding of the impact of population ageing and make appropriate preparations in advance.