Take part in GAES 2021

You are cordially invited to take part in this important event. Together, we shall unleash the enormous potential of the Golden Age Economy. 

Be a part of the driving force of smart ageing with GAES 2021. Showcase your innovations and solutions and enjoy a one-stop exhibition service and year-round support to enhance brand image and generate business leads. Expand your reach globally with additional virtual booths. Qualified Expo members can apply the SME Marketing Fund  for up to 50% subsidies.



Event Leaflet



EMF Leaflet


Should you require further information on 6th GAES, please feel free to contact: 

Mr. Willy Cheng (M: +852 5499 0602 / Email: willy.cheng@goldenage.foundation)
Ms. Edith Tze (M: +852 6546 5394 / Email: edith.tze@goldenage.foundation)
Ms. Ellmon Fung (Email: ellmon.fung@goldenage.foundation)