Spark Innovation Festival

Spark Innovation Festival

  • Social innovation needs you!

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  • Are you looking for new opportunities to make a difference in your local community?
  • Join us at Spark Innovation Festival – the first public education project of its kind led by golden agers and youths. Together, Let’s collaborate and innovate new solutions for a better future!

Suitable for

  • Youths: Aged 16 and above
  • Golden Agers: Aged 45 and above

Spark Innovation Festival is divided into four stages

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  • 1. Co-learning: Online workshops (No limited number of participant)
  • 2. Co-creation: Local social innovation study tour (Limited to 40 participants only)
  • 3. Co-exploration: Inter-generational research, Innovate solutions (Limited to 40 participants only)
  • 4. Co-sharing: Social innovation project sharing (Limited to 40 participants only)

Spark Innovation Festival Schedule

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 After the course

  • Participants who have completed all four stages of the festival will receive a certificate of commendation.
  • Selected participants can also present their project results at a public event on 12.12 Golden Age Day.
  • *Event details are available in Chinese only.
  • *Programme content and arrangements will be finalised by the organiser.


Whatever your age, sign up for at Spark Innovation Festival and kick-start your social innovation journey!