Exhibit overview (7th GAES)

AKA LinkAges Lam Ki Yip Centre

Jockey Club Golden Age Journey – Project V-work Together

Join our adventurous journey and sail towards a fruitful and happy retired life! Project V-work Together aims to encourage and facilitate 50+ to utilize their experience and passion through forming autonomous group, brainstorming, designing and organizing social services on a specific topic. By transforming innovative ideas into actions, 50+ is able to contribute positive changes to Hong Kong. We are having more volunteer services for 50+ to join! Follow our Facebook page (@vworktogether) and we will keep you posted!

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AKA Social Service - DiamondAge Project

DiamondAge Project

There is an increasing number of seniors who wish to develop a second career but have no channel for it. Therefore, AKA Social Service, funded by HSBC through the Community Chest of Hong Kong, is launching the “DiamonAge Project” from 2021 to 2024. The project assists third age and seniors (50+) to re-enter the labour market and improves their quality of life.

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Ark Realty Co., Limited

Soleil 88

The Heart of Phnom Penh International Airport Economic Zone Soleil 88 is designed as an Inno Soho Community, located at the city core of the Western Phnom Penh. Phase ll, a commercial, residential and business all-in-one complex is tailor-made for being an incubator of innovation and technological advancement, and a new start-up base by its loft-design with a ceiling height of 4.7 meters which provides abundant space for working and resting. Its extraordinary window and balcony enable superb ventilation and natural lighting. Soleil 88, is a master piece of an award-winning architect Sunny Yung, has a modern, sleek aesthetics that will remain stunning for years to come.

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Cardiax Lab (Asia) Limited

The Hotman System

Smart Heart Care: The Hotman System used by Cardaix Lab is endowed with patented technology, provides non-invasive cardiovascular screening, to detect early signs of heart failure and stroke, and offers hypertension management.

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Doctor Now Limited

DoctorNow Home ; DoctorNow App

DoctorNow is dedicated to promoting innovation and reformation in Hong Kong healthcare industry. Using the latest technology to optimize the conventional healthcare practice, we have designed specialized services to different community groups for more people to enjoy our convenient services. As the first Hong Kong company to combine telemedicine and in-home healthcare services, we use our self-developed consultation app to provide one-stop video consultation and door-to-door services. We also provide home hospice according to the patient’s situation, so that they can leave the world in their familiar home with dignity. Our medical team would tailor each treatment plan, and use professional and caring attitude to take care of each patient.

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Elder Academy at Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Enriched ICT Training Programme for the Elderly

Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) established its Elder Academy (EAMU) in early 2009. EAMU is operated by Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE) of the University. It aims to enhance elders’ learning ability, adaptability and quality of life through a variety of courses, such as auditing classes on some undergraduate courses, “Active Elderly Learning Programme” and “Enriched ICT Training Programme for the Elderly”. With the funding support from OGCIO, EAMU offers free ICT courses to enhance the elderly’s knowledge of the latest developments in technology and improve their capability in adopting digital technology in their daily lives.

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g.tec Neurotechnology Hong Kong Limited


RecoveriX is an innovative and unique stroke neurorehabilitation system that can help acute/subacute/chronic stroke patients to regain their movement in both upper and lower limbs. Developed by g.tec in Austria, backed by numerous clinical studies, recoveriX is proven efficacious when patients commit completing 25-training sessions. RecoveriX stroke therapy also comes with a worldwide franchise business model that actively launching in Asia Pacific Region including Hong Kong.

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Guardman Products Limited

Wandering Prevention Kit

Wandering Prevention Kit is a DIY set of devices to alert caregivers when the elderly with Dementia Syndrome / Alzheimer’s disease accidentally exit the monitored zone.

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HKU Stroke

Stroke Research and Prevention

HKU Stroke strives to better understand what causes stroke, how to better prevent and manage it, and we are passionate in improving the well-being of stroke patients and their caregivers. We recently launched the WeRISE App - a “one-stop” mobile management platform which aims to facilitate all-rounded care of patients and their caregivers combating stroke.

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Hong Kong Baptist University - Booguu Company Limited

Booguu Aspire Fall Risk Management & Aspire Balance

Booguu Aspire Fall Risk Management identifies 12 risk indicators for mobility declines and falls that are invisible to the naked eye. The assessments use simple motions such as walking, and take 5 minutes to complete. The results are paired with targeted prevention steps to help improve balance, strength, and coordination to reduce risk of fall. Aspire Balance is a personal wearable IoT that helps individuals monitor and improve their balance abilities. The 20 seconds measurements can be personalized to an individual's own abilities and training. The results provide unique insights to improve sports, fitness, and activities for daily living.

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Hong Kong Baptist University - MIND and Tech Limited

Beta-amyloid (1-42) Alzheimer's disease first-generation detection kit and Total-tau (441) protein Alzheimer's disease first-generation detection kit, Total-tau (441)

We are developing a set of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers detection kits using nanoparticle-based tools, including Beta-amyloid (1-42), Beta-amyloid (1-40), Total-tau441 protein and Phosphate-tau181 protein for laboratory use. It can apply as a screening tool to detect and diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in an early stage. Benefiting from our designated fluorophore, it is an ultra-highly sensitive and non-invasive validate test for Alzheimer’s disease in trace amounts of several body fluids including CSF, blood, saliva, and urine.

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Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council

Love Power - Carer Support Service

The 13 elderly service centres of the H.K.S.K.H Welfare Council, located in different districts of Hong Kong, provide holistic and diversified services for both carers and seniors. “LOVE POWER” is set as the main theme of this exhibition which represents the values of “Person-centred”, “Optimism”, “Wellness”, “Empower” and “Reconnect”. Through different activities including Labyrinth mindfulness training, health check, exercise & practice, cognitive and communication skills training kits introduction, neighbour & community network project exhibition, and end-of-life board game introduction, carers and participants can experience how to care for themselves, love their family members, care for their neighbour, enjoy getting together with others, and well prepare for the end-of-life stage.

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Telemedicine / Video consultation

iMeddy is a leading online media and innovative service provider, with reporting medical news in our media platform, and providing online booking, video consultation and Health e-store in our app.

Telemedicine / Video consultation:

  • Doctors can use video consultation system to remotely communicate with patients, to provide advice and conduct medical consultations.
  • It is convenient for chronically ill patients with limited mobility to conduct online medical consultations, and can also conduct video consultations while maintaining social distance.
  • It is dedicated to the medical industry and uses blockchain encryption to ensure high confidentiality to ensure your privacy.
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    Institute of Active Ageing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Model and Capacity Building for Intergenerational Digital Literacy Training for Older Adults in Hong Kong

    This project is committed to the promotion of digital and social inclusion of older adults and the enhancement of intergenerational solidarity through digital literacy training and after-training digital immersion activities. It aims to become a platform contributing to individual empowerment and intergenerational mutual understandings, develop an effective theory-guided model to narrow digital divide, enhance the institutional capacity of different organisations in tackling digital divide, and sustain innovative evidence-based practices for promoting digital and social inclusion of older adults.

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    Jockey Club 50+ Startup Incubator Programme

    Supporting platform to incubate 50+ social-beneficial startup

    Organized by Christian Family Service Centre and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, ‘Jockey Club 50+ Startup Incubator Programme ’ aims to promote the values of active ageing through a platform supporting 50+ to develop social-beneficial startup businesses based on ideas of social innovation. The programme begins with an innovation experience workshop and leads 50+ to review their third-age planning, followed by a series of training workshops on design thinking and lean startups, team formation and proposal submission. Award-winning teams will be offered various supports including startup funding and business consultation services. Their products and service will be marketed to potential customers to communities in various platforms.

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    Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub

    Establish a cross-disciplinary gerontechnologies network

    To tackle the challenge of a continued ageing population in Hong Kong, a 5 years project named “Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub” (the “Project”) was proposed by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to promote new gerontechnologies and to improve the service quality of residential care for the elderly. The Project aims to establish a cross-disciplinary network, not only to raise the public’s awareness on gerontechnologies but also to connect stakeholders of elderly care (E.g. scholars, health care workers, residential care service providers, technology developers, caregivers, elderly…) and to share and exchange ideas for enhancing the quality of gerontechnology products and elderly care services.

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    Master International Company

    Kangen Water

    It is recommended to drink Kangen Water® daily, which is rich in minerals and active hydrogen, which can effectively eliminate the main sources of human diseases: acids and active oxygen free radicals. Long-term drinking can help to prevent and treat diseases. Kangan® Water is a healthy drinking water; it contains a lot of hydroxide ions (OH-) and positive ions (such as calcium ions) produced by electrolysis, and it also contains hydrogen.

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    Megasoft Limited

    Location Tracking & Movement Monitoring BLE Wristband

    What is Vital Signs Monitoring? VSM detects signs of infection or symptom-less medical problems early using oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels and pulse rates. Benefits of Vital Signs Monitoring VSM is designed for homes for the elderly and rehabilitation centres. By monitoring and tracking elderly patients’ in real-time, 24/7 with anti-wandering protection they can be much safer Components VSM includes an IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof wearable device with Bluetooth tags to monitor the elderly and other patients’ movements and health conditions. And a centralized data dashboard with a buzzer alarm to alert caregivers of patients’ movements and status.

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    Meiriki Japan Company Ltd.

    Memory Diamond

    "Memory Diamond” is a product for improving cognitive problems. Plasmalogen is proven clinically effective in enhancing memory and cognitive functions and vitalizing brain cells1. The uniquely formulated “Memory Diamond” developed from tradition and science presents a new hope to cognitive problems. The loss of plasmalogen is believed to link with cognitive impairments. Plasmalogens are proven to delay decline of brain functions2 and improve learning, memory and concentration.

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    Nano and Advanced Materials Institute

    Washable Antiviral and Antibacterial Textiles

    Coronaviruses are now shown to reside on textiles and garments for more than one day. Textiles can act as the transmission medium of viruses. Antimicrobial fabric treatments that are typically used do not demonstrate virucidal capability and many of those are not durable against multiple laundry cycles. NAMI’s washable antimicrobial textile is the result of surface modification of finished fibers with covalently bonded antimicrobial agents, in contrast to the traditional physical coating on fibers. NAMI’s textile has outstanding virucidal performance against viruses. The finish is durable against multiple laundry cycles, and will not change the color fastness and touch feel of the finished fabric.

    Human Centric Indoor Lighting

    A human centric lighting (HCL) can improve wellness and productivity of human being by reinforcing circadian rhythm through adjustable lighting effects. Based on energy-saving and environment-friendly LED technology, NAMI has developed a HCL device that can emit different spectra of light. It features innovative phosphor material, dual-channel chip on board (COB) LED device with advanced algorithm and user-friendly mobile interface for light spectrum tuning. By safely controlling the melatonin secretion through mimicking natural light, users can be more energetic during the daytime and sleep better at night. It is an ideal choice for those looking for better quality of living.

    NAMI’s Smart Protection Materials Based Impact Absorbing Floor Mat

    Energy absorption and impact protection materials can be used as floor mat to reduce personal injuries especially for the elderly and children. Conventional materials such as EVA foam and PE foam have to be thick enough to provide sufficient protection. By leveraging NAMI’s smart protection material technology, impact absorbing floor mat with reduced thickness yet superior impact protection performance has been developed. The material will self-reinforce upon falling and impact to dissipate and transform the impact energy into heat. It also has a closed cell structure with good waterproof performance. Outperforming the conventional products, NAMI’s floor mat is odorless, with excellent slip resistance, low water absorption, long lifetime and good flame retardation.

    Smart Pillow with Pressure Sensing and Auto-height Adjustment

    Neck discomfort and chronic fatigue are often observed when inappropriate pillow is used during sleeping. NAMI has developed a smart pillow with integrated textile sensor mat for pressure monitoring and embedded actuator for real time adjustment. The flexible sensor mat placed on the top surface of the pillow captures the pressure in neck and head area, while the actuator with built-in MCU and airbags automatically adjusts the pillow height based on real time pressure distribution. User can achieve comfortable sleeping posture and healthy sleeping experience with program controlled by a mobile app.

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    NEC Hong Kong Limited

    NEC Social Robot

    NEC Social Robot NEC Social Robot is designed to stimulate, engage, enable and empower older people with dementia and/or requiring companionship, as well as support their carers in Aged Care Facilities and Home-based care with lifestyle centred services. The robot provides multi-language interactive communication, intellectual stimulation, self-care and behavioral training (multi-language communication in Cantonese, English and Mandarin etc.). It is developed specifically for human interaction of children and the elderly. It is a user-friendly robot which users can use a laptop or tablet to carry out all preset training programmes, and templates to create their own programmes. By connecting robot to the cloud by its Wi-Fi network function, it is possible to use cloud-based applications tailored to a wide range of purposes and goals, such as care-giving and education.

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    Sau Po Centre on Ageing, HKU

    Jockey Club Golden Age Journey

    With support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, The University of Hong Kong - Sau Po Centre on Ageing organised the Jockey Club Golden Age Journey Project. The project aims to enable young olds to anticipate transition of lifespan, plan and actualize their retirement plans, this project will construct a comprehensive service platform for pre-retired and retired young old.

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    The Hong Kong Christian Churches Union Kwong Yum Care Home (Integrated Age Care Service)

    The Hong Kong Christian Churches Union Kwong Yum Care Home(Integrated Age Care Service)

    The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Kwong Yum Care Home (Integrated Aged Care Service) move forward by basing our aim on “Respecting the Elders” and “Serving God”. We hope to provide one-stop integrated aged care service which is filled with “Love and Benevolence, Life Nourishment” for the elders. It includes the provision of 24-hour health care service, rehabilitation service, psychological counselling as well as social and spiritual care support. Also, there are specialised care services provided to the people with dementia and terminal illness, and transitional care as well as day care services. Through four pillars of our service direction, ie “Spiritual Arts‧ Creative Care, Christ-based‧Spiritual Care, Person-centered‧Namaste CareTM,Interdiscipinary Team‧Holistic Care”, the best quality care would be provided so as to support the elders to experience their latter life with faith, hope and love.

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    Tung Wah College

    Geriatric simulator

    Self-experience is a good way to foster empathy. This wearable simulator enables users to personally experience the physical effects of aging such as visual impairment, decreased mobility, fatigue, decreased sense of balance and helps them develop sensitivity and understanding toward older adults. Users can understand and observe how the older people are affected by these physical inconveniences in their daily lives. These physical effects can be further enhanced through add-on gadgets that mimic sensory loss such as tinnitus simulators, overshoes, tremor simulation gloves.

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    Wellness Hub (powered by Wofoo Social Enterprises)

    One Stop Preventive Healthcare Service

    Wellness Hub (the centre) is a self-financing social enterprise. provides a series of preventive physical and mental healthcare services at an affordable and reasonable price for adults aged 30 – 55 facing different health concerns. Situated in Mongkok, the prime location of the city, the centre offers convenient access to non-intrusive risk assessments of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. General well-being-related consultations are also available. The professional healthcare teams consisted of registered nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and social workers cooperating with clinical psychologists and Chinese medicine practitioners are committed to maximise the quality of your body, mind, and soul.

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