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Living with your golden companion – Gum Jai

Seeking Golden Buddies to Adopt Our Smart Ageing Robot “Gum Jai”!  

Golden Age Smart Care - Golden Buddy

The Spirit of the Golden Age Care Anti-pandemic Support Programme Lives On!

5th Cohort Golden Age Fellows Programme

5th Cohort Golden Age Fellows Graduation Ceremony Showcasing social innovative prototypes and idea boards After two months of vigorous training, our Golden Age Fellows concluded the Pro...

Golden Age Care Anti-pandemic Support Programme

Golden Age Care Anti-pandemic Support Program is an emergency assistance plan in response to the current Covid-19 crisis. It aims to help small and medium-sized elderly homes that are facing collapse to get through the current predicament.

Spark Innovation Festival

Launched in 2022, Spark Innovation Festival is the first public education project led by youths and golden agers. Through the festival, participants will experience the best of both generations – the rich life experience and extensive network of the golden age population and the endless creativity of young people – and learn to collaborate and innovate new solutions for a better future.

Pit Stop Programme

Launched in 2021, the Pit Stop Program helps golden agers who have lost their jobs during the pandemic transition into new career paths. The programme provides emotional support and training to help participants better position themselves in the job market.

Go Green Wan Chai

Go Green Wan Chai promotes green living culture among the golden age community in Wan Chai district. The programme offers educational talks and workshops on environmental issues and encourages participants to shift to a sustainable lifestyle.

Golden Age Fellows

Golden Age Fellows is a three-month capacity-building programme for golden agers to discover new passion and ideas that benefit society. The programme focuses on exploring social innovation, and prepares and empowers participants to become the next changemakers.

The Golden Age – Climate Change and Conservation Ambassador Programme

The Golden Age – Climate Change and Conservation Ambassador Programme educates golden agers about climate change and conservation issues and helps participants to share their knowledge through community activities and workshops to raise public awareness.

The Pledge of Love from Generation to Generation

The Pledge of Love from Generation to Generation fosters an age-inclusive culture between family members through various interactive workshops and activities. Launched in 2018, the project has benefited over 5,500 participants across 18 districts in Hong Kong.

Golden Age Docent

Jointly organised with Ocean Park, the Golden Age Docent Volunteer Programme encourages golden agers to give back to society through volunteerism. Through the programme, participants learn to lead tours and help raise public awareness on wildlife ecology and conservation.