Online Summit Schedule

2021.08.18 (Wed)

Online Opening Ceremony
Speaker Bio
10:30 am - 10:45 am
Mrs. Rebecca Choy Yung
Founder & Chair, Golden Age Foundation
Prof. Andrew J. Scott
Professor of Economics at London Business School
Consulting scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Longevity
Co-author of “The 100 Year Life” and “The New Long Life”
Mr. Greg Shaw
Director, International and Corporate Relations, International Federation on Ageing (IFA)
Mr. Stephen Phillips
Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong, The Government of the HKSAR
Mr. Herman Chan
Founder of Eldpathy
InvestHK – Innovative Investment
Speaker Bio
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Mr KC Lam
Head of Consulate and Chamber Engagement, Invest Hong Kong, The Government of the HKSAR
Mr Keiji Fujimoto
Group Strategic Director, Shun Hing Group
Ir Dr Alan Lam
Advisor of ESG Matters
Director and CTO of Gravity Capital Partners CO., Ltd
Chairman of LSCM

A highly dynamic city that serves as the perfect platform into Mainland China and Asia, Hong Kong is the ideal place for business in Asia, particularly for the fast growing silver hair market. At this session, our speakers will share their views and experience on leveraging the many business opportunities and challenges brought about by this aging population, and how they see future prospects in this segment.

Greater Bay Area Smart Ageing Development in Elderly Care
Speaker Bio
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Mr. Ni Chi Dan
Dean, Shenzhen Elderly Healthcare College
Mr. Ray Tang
CEO, 深圳理想城無障礙設施科技有限公司
Ms. Dian Chun Li
Vice president, Shenzhen Accessible City Joint Association
Mr. Summer Xia
CEO, China Social Enterprise Certification Center

With the rapid development of elderly care in the Greater Bay Area, the industry is actively developing health and elderly care services, using spatial design and technological support to create a more diverse and inclusive area without age barriers.  In this session, industry leaders in the Greater Bay Area are invited to discuss the development of health and elderly care services, including standard development, product development, and talent skills training, and to explore the development of smart ageing and ways to promote a dignified and inclusive live.

2021.08.19 (Thur)

New Images for Active Ageing in ACAP countries in New Normal
Speaker Bio
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Dr. Lilis Heri Mis Cicih
Prof. Eef Hogervorst
Prof. Takeo Ogawa
Dr. Chandrakala Diyali
Dr. Mae Mendelson
Professor Teresa Tsien
Honorary Consultant, Smart Ageing Hub, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Active Ageing (e.g. longer employment; participation in society; independent, healthy and secure living; and enabling environments to allow people to remain psychosocially and physically active) could help maintain independence in older people. In this session, academia will investigate proxy indicators of the Active Ageing Index and dependency in multi-ethnic urban (Jakarta) and rural (Sumedang and Borobudur) districts on Java, Indonesia. The results show that there are huge inter-regional differences in dependency.

2021.08.25 (Wed)

Regional CEO Forum - Reimagining the Business of Ageing
Speaker Bio
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Dr. Stephan Dyckerhoff
President and CEO of Buurtzorg Asia, Buurtzorg China and Hong Kong
Mr. Timothy Lertsmitivanta
CEO of Thonburi Wellbeing Co., Ltd
Ms. Anna Yip
CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singapore Telecommunications
Mr. Stephen Wong
Senior Vice President & Executive Director of Public Policy Institute, Our Hong Kong Foundation

Asia is the next giant in ageing. But unlike Western countries, parts of Asia will grow old before they become rich. The number of elderly people in Asia by 2030 will increase by 200 million, a 71% increase. The Asia Pacific Risk Center estimates that elderly health care in Asia could increase five-fold to $2.5 trillion by 2030, if current cost trends remain unchecked. How to manage increased demand without draining public purses is one of the most urgent policy and economic challenges facing the region. But the burden should not rest solely on the shoulders of governments. The private sector has much to contribute, and could benefit considerably from the growing ageing market. This session will bring together leading minds from the private sector to discuss how to help Asian cities make the transition to older societies that are still healthy and productive.

2021.09.01 (Wed)

Technological Application in Elderly Care
Speaker Bio
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Dr. Sergio Guillen Barrionuevo
Chief Innovation Officer, MYSPHERA
Dr. Bettina Horster
Head of Business Development, VIVAI Software AG
Ms. Elsa Wong
Managing Director, NEC Hong Kong Limited
Prof. Angela Leung
Director, Centre for Gerontological Nursing (CGN)
Deputy Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Community Health Services in School of Nursing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Technology is an important means to improving our lives.  With the ageing population, the need for reliable and innovative elderly care solutions is ever growing. The urgent need for contactless alternatives in care delivery under the threat of Covid-19 has greatly speeded up the practice and adoption of technology. This session will take a closer look at how these advances in technology and some breakthrough solutions are transforming elderly care to ensure sustainable and effective care, enhance user experience as well as reduce the burden of care-givers.

2021.09.08 (Wed)

Smart Ageing Award Round Table
Speaker Bio
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Mr. Kelvin Chan
Head of Sales, NEC Hong Kong Limited
Ms. Vennus Ho
Superintendent, The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Kwong Yum Care Home (Integrated Aged Care Service)
Mr. Nathan Hui
Founder and Director, Medmind Technology Limited
Dr. Gary Kui Kai Lau
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director, Stroke Research and Prevention Group, The University of Hong Kong
Mr. KC Lam
Head of Consulate and Chamber Engagement, Invest Hong Kong, The Government of the HKSAR

An exclusive sharing from Smart Ageing Award prize winners who excel in enhancing the quality of elderly life and embracing independent and dignified ageing. Their evidence of success and collaboration with different stakeholders will inspire and reshape the future of smart ageing.

2021.09.15 (Wed)

Greater Bay Area Elderly Care Models and Services
Speaker Bio
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Ms. Liu Ying
Co-founder, Chengdu Longlive Pension Industry Development
Ms. Wu Xuhong
Chairman, Shenzhen Lok Sin Kui Elderly Care Industry Development
Mr. Nick Zeng
CEO, People Strong High-tech Ltd. Co.
Mr. Summer Xia
CEO, China Social Enterprise Certification Center

The pace of population aging in China is accelerating, and so are people's demands for diversified elderly care. "Care for the elderly" refers no longer to just room and bed, but a high-quality all-round elderly care service. This session invites social enterprises and organizations which provide elderly care services in the Greater Bay Area to talk about innovations on elderly care model and technology, elderly care practice and safety in community service. They will also discuss time banking, smart health practices, and smart livable solutions for elderly, deepening our understanding on the booming industry of elderly care.

Global Elderly Care Round Table
Speaker Bio
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Sally Hopkins女士
Eden In Oz & NZ執行董事(澳洲)
Kerstin Löffler女士
格拉茨市養老健康中心 阿爾貝特·施韋澤老年病學和老年學研究所 研究助理
Gengpong Tangaroonsanti博士
Ms. Queenie Man
Founder and CEO, The Project Futurus, Hong Kong

Global cities have moved into an era of smart city planning and implementation while their populations are also shifting toward an ageing society. This session invites worldwide leaders in elderly care to share their views on ways to develop long-term care policies and programs which integrate internationally recognized concepts such as “aging in place” and “active and healthy aging”. Such policies and programs demand better planning, financing, and qualified human resources, and above all, higher expectations that the final years of life must have as much meaning, purpose, and well-being as possible.